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Goplus 70” 220Lbs Freestanding Punching Boxing Bag w/12 Suction Cup Base Shock Absorber


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Our 70” freestanding punching bag is a perfect choice for home or office fitness!
This punching bag is made of high strength stainless steel tube, and encased with soft fabric, high-density EPE foam, thick flannel buffer layer and wear-resistant PU leather surface. It can give you a fast rebound while ensuring a long service life. The included boxing gloves with anti-wear PU leather, thickened polyurethane padding, breathable holes and convenient hook & loop easterners can better protect your wrists and hands. What’s more, the floor sucking base can be filled with sand or water for added stability and safety. Dual shock absorbers, 4 high elastic springs and mute cotton ensure ultra silent and stable rebound. With our freestanding punching bag, you can get a full-body workout and build muscles, burn calories, reduce stress while also improving balance. Please note: Base and bag will be shipped separately in 2 boxes due to the large size and the delivery time may vary per box.

Shipped in 2 boxes and may deliver at different times
Multi-layer structure offers fast rebound, tear resistance and great comfort
Floor sucking base can be filled with sand or water for added stability
Pro grade boxing gloves are included for ultimate protection
Durable nylon sewing seal and fine stitching for long-lasting use
Ultra-silent and shock-resistant for high intensive strength training
Perfect height design is suitable for both adults and youths
Ideal for strengthening the body, burning calories, reducing stress, etc
Detailed instructions for easy and quick setup

Color: Black
Material: Stainless Steel, PU, EPE, Fabric
Total Height: 70”
Base Diameter: 19.5”
Added Weight: 110 lbs water/165 lbs coarse sand/220 lbs silver sand
Net Weight: 35 lbs
Package Includes:
1 X Freestanding Punching Bag
2 X Boxing Gloves
1 X Instruction

  • 5-Layer Structure & Premium Materials: This freestanding punching bag features a multi-layer construction, which is made of 1.2mm thick PU leather, thick cushioning flannel, high resilience EPE foam, durable fabric buffer and heavy duty stainless steel tube. The 5-layer structure helps prolong the boxing bag’s service life and can also protect your hands when punching heavily.
  • Stable Weighted Base with Suction Cups: Supported by a large round base with 12 strong suction cups, this stand kickboxing bag ensures excellent stability. Moreover, to enhance security and stability for intensive training, you can fill the base with 110 lbs of water, 165 lbs of coarse sand or 220 lbs of silver sand before use (sand will be a better choice).
  • High Quality Boxing Gloves: To give you professional protection, a pair of premium boxing gloves is included in the package. And it is made of wear-resistant PU leather and thickened polyurethane padding. Besides, the boxing gloves feature hook and loop fasteners for secure fixation and vent holes for upgraded comfort.
  • 360° Shock & Noise Absorbing: Equipped with double high strength shock absorbers, 4 high elastic springs and thick mute cotton, this freestanding punching bag can achieve 360°shock and noise absorption. Standing about 70” tall, the boxing bag with stand is suitable for a whole family workout and is perfect to release stress, build your body, etc.
  • Separate Delivery in 2 Boxes: Due to the overlarge size, the base and boxing bag will be shipped in 2 separate boxes and delivery time may vary per box. If you just receive one package or you have any problems with the product, please contact us at any time.


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